How much do I charge for my assistant's work?

Firstly - congratulations on delegating your work - it's a big achievement

One of the hardest things when you work for yourself is delegating tasks to others.  

So if you've got an assistant who helps you out, then that's amazing news.  It's a big step forward.  

But what about if your assistant is helping you with client work?

How much do you charge your client?

In my view this is completely the wrong way to think about it.  

Your client isn't buying your time, they are buying an outcome.  

The fact that you delivered that outcome, or your assistant helped you to deliver that outcome is immaterial.  

Your rate is your rate and all the client need care about is if you get the job done.  

How to successfully launch a product business in four weeks

Without risking a whole load of money

If you run a service business, say custom built Wordpress sites, and you’re dreaming of launching a product, here’s how you can launch in just four weeks. 

1) choose an audience - you need to be ultra-focussed and niche
2) do your research - what are their problems, what have they already tried, what will they pay for
3) design a sales strategy - a business is nothing without customers
4) deliver results quickly - to get started without spending a fortune, do the work by hand and write out some standard procedures. You can automate and outsource later when the money is flowing. 

I have a series of exercises for you to follow that guide you through each step. Working with me is £2000 plus VAT and you can get your product business designed and launched in just four weeks. 

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Charging by the hour vs fixed prices

There are four combinations to be aware of

Ever had a fixed price project go over so you're no longer making money on it?
Or, if you charge by the hour, been overwhelmed by change requests?

There are two main variables on every project - scope and price. 

You can choose variable pricing - where the client pays you by the hour, by the day, by week or by the month.  
Or you can choose fixed pricing - where you what the client pays is agreed in advance.  

You can choose fixed scope - where you define exactly what the client is going to receive in advance.  
Or you can choose variable scope - where you receive change requests whilst the project is in progress. 

Fixed scope, variable pricing is bad for your client.  
Variable scope, fixed pricing is bad for you.  

So either choose variable scope, variable pricing.  
Or fixed scope, fixed pricing.  

But make sure you choose.  

Ever been ghosted by a potential client?

It's not them, it's you

Clients go through five stages before they're ready to buy from you.  

Stage 1

We don't even know we've got a problem

Stage 2

We've got a problem and we don't know how to fix it

Stage 3

We don't know which solution is the one to go for

Stage 4

We don't know who can help us with our chosen solution

Stage 5

How much do you charge?

When we complain "they just ghosted me" it's actually our fault - we assumed that they were at stage five when actually they were still at stage 3 and we've annoyed them by trying to force them to move faster than they were ready.  

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How much work should I do for free to gain experience?

Do less, get more

How much work should I do for free on the promise of future work?  How will I know if I'm getting taken advantage of and how do I put my foot down?

Doing work for free is being taken advantage of.  You might not get paid in money - maybe you do a swap or barter.  But a promise isn't payment.

But I am still a beginner and isn’t any work useful experience ? Even if you’re not feeling good about it?

So charge accordingly.  We'll do a taster project to see if we can work together - this tiny piece of the finished thing for a small fee.  If they won't even pay that then they're out to screw you.  

But I need the experience?

What sort of experience do you need?  A cheap client is a bad client and all you'll gain are bad experiences.  You want a good client so you've got something worthwhile to show at the end of it - and good clients pay.  

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And finally, I have a client research process; really simple and it takes just a few minutes each day.  So you can make yourself irresistible to the good clients, raise your prices and leave the bad clients scrambling in the dirt.  Hit reply to find out more.

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